TDG Amendment 12 & Amendment SOR /2014-306 – What you Need to Know – Live Online Training

The Canadian TDG Regulations have recently been amended. These amendments make sweeping changes to the TDG Regulations as far reaching as the “Clear Language re-write of the Regulation in 2002” . While some exceptions apply, some of these amendments were to be followed no later than January 14, 2015. Is your organization prepared?

The TDG Regulations clearly identify who must receive adequate TDG training and hold a certificate as a person who handles, offers for transport or transports a dangerous goods, unless they are in the presence and under the direct supervision of a person who is adequately trained and who holds a training certificate. Also, training certificates for road, rail, and ship expire 36 months after the date of issuance. However, an important point to note when it comes to these amendments is that additional training may be required even if your 3 year TDG training certificate is still valid. Section 6.5 of the TDG Regulations clearly states:

A person’s training should be up-to-date with these Regulations which, in turn, incorporate by reference other documents such as the ICAO Technical Instructions, the IMDG Code and the “Dangerous Goods Shipping Regulations”. Consequently, additional training may have to be undertaken if regulatory changes applicable to the person’s duties occur before the training certificate expires.

Considering the significant changes to the Regulations as a result of these amendments, updated training is highly recommended for those who perform regulated duties. Additionally, this is the perfect opportunity for those whose TDG certificates are nearing the 3 year expiration date to be re-certified in time to ensure they are aware of their new obligations come January 2015. Interested in learning more about both in-person and live online TDG training opportunities? Click on our upcoming sessions below to sign up.

Live Online Training: TDG Amendment 12 & Amendment SOR /2014-306  : What You Need to Know
March 31, 2015

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