About Tavares Group

Tavares Group Consulting is a corporate social responsibility firm specializing in environmental and health & safety (EHS) and drinking water quality management systems, training and communications. Projects have focused on the process approach supporting sustainability implementation in a number of sectors – agriculture, automotive, construction, education, electronics, power generation, furniture, food and beverage, municipalities, retail, etc. – and have included:

  • Management systems integration and optimization
  • Training development and delivery (EHS, DWQMS, emergency response, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability, environmental legislation, etc.)
  • EHS / CSR / Sustainability reporting
  • Development of Greenhouse (GHG) quantification / inventories
  • ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, GHG, Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS), Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and EHS compliance auditing

Tavares Group Consulting has also participated in the development of the ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility and the 2004 version and current revision of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems standard.

About Tavares Group | Team

Sandra Tavares,

B.Sc., M.Sc., EP (EMSLA), EP-Sustainability

Sandra Tavares is the Principal of Tavares Group Consulting Inc. Since 1995, Sandra's experience has ranged from local Environment and Health & Safety (EHS) management with small firms to global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management with large multinationals. Sandra, a certified Environmental Management System Lead Auditor and Greenhouse Gas Verifier, has conducted EHS management and compliance audits throughout Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Sandra is an active member of the Canadian Advisory Committees on Environmental Management and Social Responsibility; these committees provide Canadian feedback to the ISO Technical Committees who develop the ISO 14001 and ISO 26000 standards, respectively. Sandra is a former Director of the Board for the Small Business Centre and Environmental Management Resource Centre for Business in London, Ontario and former member of the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment's (CCME) Pollution Prevention Awards Advisory Board and the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Environmental Quality Committee. Sandra earned her M.Sc. (Plant Science/Environmental Science) from the University of Western Ontario, where she returned to lecture at the Masters of Environment & Sustainability program. She is fluent in English and Portuguese and has a working knowledge of Spanish and Italian.

Kirsi McLandress,

B.A. (Hons), B.Ed., M.E.S., EMS-Lead Auditor
Sustainability Associate

Kirsi McLandress is a Sustainability Associate for Tavares Group Consulting Inc. Having grown up in Northern Ontario, Kirsi has first hand knowledge of the impact development and industry can have upon the environment and the importance of social responsibility. Kirsi has worked in education at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary level and has experience in sustainability action planning, program and policy development in the public sector, environmental management system and environmental compliance auditing. Kirsi, an EMS-Lead Auditor certified through Exemplar Global, earned her B.A. (Hons) in Geography and B.Ed. from Laurentian University and her Master of Environment and Sustainability (M.E.S.) from the University of Western Ontario. Kirsi has completed training in Life Cycle Analysis, has The Natural Step - Level One certification, and most recently has completed and passed the ISO 14001:2015 transition training and assessment, required of all Exemplar Global-certified auditors. A Canadian and Finnish citizen, Kirsi is bilingual in English and French.

Sarah Beyea,

B.A., B.Sc., M.E.S., ISSP-SA
Sustainability Toolkit Project Manager

Sarah Beyea is Sustainability Toolkit Project Manager for Tavares Group Consulting. Sarah has over nine years of experience in project management, program development, and account management. She has a keen interest in Corporate Social Responsibility and helping to build sustainable business. Sarah's experience includes sustainability action planning, program development, CSR reporting and the implementation of the Sustainability Toolkit framework within client organizations. Sarah earned her B.A. (Hons) in Anthropology and her B.Sc. in Biology from the University of New Brunswick, and her Master of Environment and Sustainability (M.E.S.) from the University of Western Ontario. She is a member of the Canada Green Building Council, the Project Management Institute, Pillar Nonprofit Network, and she is a board member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. Sarah has completed her Certificate in Not-for-Profit Management from Western Continuing Studies. She has also completed training in the GRI G4 reporting requirements, Life Cycle Analysis, Green Building, Environmental Legislation and Certification, Circular Economy and has The Natural Step – Level One certification. Sarah is bilingual in English and French.

Clementina Consens,

Sustainability Associate

Clementina Consens is a Sustainability Associate for Tavares Group Consulting Inc. Clementina has recently completed her undergraduate degree as a Specialist in Environmental Geoscience with a minor in GIS at the University of Toronto. For the past four years, she has studied the relationship between anthropogenic activities and the environment with a focus on the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. Her studies have focused on various areas including the environmental impact of climate change on marginalized communities, with specific focus on indigenous peoples of Canada. She enjoys merging her scientific understanding with sociological implications. In her role at Tavares Group Consulting, Clementina is working with Bruce Power’s Environmental Community and Indigenous Relations team on elements related to their corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs. A Canadian and Uruguayan citizen, Clementina is fluent in English and Spanish.

Jenn Schleich,

B.A. (Hons)
Sustainability Associate

Jenn Schleich is a Sustainability Associate for Tavares Group Consulting Inc. Jenn is a communications professional specializing in editorial narrative. She has built a strong understanding of storytelling through years of experience in news, emerging media and magazines, with a focus on feature writing and community-based journalism. She earned her B.A. (Hons) English Literature from Wilfrid Laurier University, where she studied the breadth of North American storytelling tradition and self-reflexive writing. She is professionally and personally devoted to exploring the power of stories and is an advocate for young and emerging writers. Jenn is working with Bruce Power’s Environmental Community and Indigenous Relations team within the corporate social responsibility program and her skills are being leveraged to help foster corporate narrative.

Salena Nazarali

Marketing Intern

Salena Nazarali is the Marketing Intern for Tavares Group Consulting. She is currently completing a B.A. in Media, Information and Technoculture studies and a certificate in Digital Communications at Western University. Salena obtained her Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification in 2016, and is experienced with all social media platforms, Wordpress, Mailchimp, Facebook Advertisements, and various additional social marketing tools. She is a skilled Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator user, and often completes graphic design work for hire and for volunteer-based projects she is involved with, including mental health advocacy and an upcoming TED Conference at Western University. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are of great interest and importance to Salena.