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ISO 14001 Implementation obtains Yves Landry Funding at AISIN Canada Inc.

AISIN Canada Inc.

Tavares Group Consulting, in partnership with Roop Chanderdat and Associates, assisted AISIN Canada integrate ISO 14001 into their existing Quality Management System. AISIN Canada Inc. (ACI), located in Stratford Ontario, is the only AISIN plant located in Canada and manufactures sunroofs, doorframes, moldings and seating – supplying both Toyota plants in Canada.

The project, initiated by an environmental compliance audit to determine regulatory priorities, had a 5-month timeline, and included:

  • an initial gap analysis,
  • development and optimization of Environmental Management System (EMS) procedures (ranging from aspect/impact
    identification to compliance with legal and other requirements (e.g NPRI, O.Reg.127, waste, water / wastewater management, etc.),
  • the development of a contractor management program,
  • ISO 14001 training for facility personnel on relevant environmental aspects (including ISO 14001 training for management, audit team, and facility personnel)
  • regulatory training such as Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG), emergency response, etc.

The project was successfully completed when the facility was awarded their ISO 14001 certification – two months prior to the customer deadline.

Approximately $20,000 in funding was awarded by the Yves Landry Foundation (YLF) Achieving Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence (AIME) Program to support the training portion of the project. All employees require training, from management to operations, to ensure buy-in, support and environmental stewardship; this results in the development of highly skilled personnel with transferable skills to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace (i.e. product cost and lead time reductions, new market development, profitability improvements, etc.).

The good work continues at Aisin, with the facility has earning numerous Environmental Awards.