Corporate Social Responsibility

Organizations are increasingly becoming aware of the need to incorporate social and environmental considerations in their financial business plan in order to ensure long-term profitability, credibility and secure their “social licence to operate”. The need to integrate sustainability and corporate social responsibility within an organization has also surged forward as the European Union leads the way in requiring non-financial reporting requirements – will the rest of the world follow suit?

Tavares Group Consulting assists organizations of various sizes in a broad range of sectors with their pursuit of corporate sustainability and sustainable development, from identifying and prioritising risk, defining material metrics, developing and implementing formal programs and verifying results. Let us assist you in creating innovative and proactive solutions to societal and environmental challenges, as well as establish stakeholder programs with the goal of improving performance.

Our Services Inlude:

  • Comprehensive baseline assessment (gap analysis)
  • Development and implementation of organization specific sustainability and communications plans and strategies
  • Developing and delivering training
  • Assistance with technical aspects of implementation
  • Benchmarking and comparative studies
  • CSR/sustainability annual reporting (Global Reporting Initiative – GRI, Sustainability Tracking and Reporting System STARS)
  • Assurance services to enhance credibility of reports

To learn more about the projects we have worked on, be sure to look through our case studies below.


Huron County Sustainable Manufacturing Toolkit

In partnership with Kuzuka Ltd., Tavares Group Consulting Inc. developed the Huron County Sustainable Manufacturing Toolkit for small and medium sized manufacturers. Developed through the County’s Sustainable Huron initiative, the Sustainable Manufacturing Toolkit helps companies which often do not have the time or resources to implement a holistic …

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The Sustainability Toolkit

The Sustainability Toolkit is a systems approach to sustainability management modelled after the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle common to management systems. While there is widely-recognized guidance defining social responsibility (e.g. ISO 26000) and several frameworks detailing how sustainability should be reported…

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